Negotiating and Modifying the Terms and Conditions of Present and Future Employees and Terminating Employees

Establishing and executing unambiguous policies relating to the modifications of the terms of present and future employees is essential to avoiding legal entanglements. For example, the employer may wish to impose non-compete agreements and or intellectual property restrictions on his present employees and impose the same on employees of the future. Idaho Employment Law Solutions has solid experience in drafting enforceable non-compete agreements containing these restrictions.

Establishing and executing clear policies concerning the proper way to terminate employees is also essential to avoiding legal problems. Idaho Employment Law Solutions will assist the employer in defining and executing its termination practices. Idaho Employment Law Solutions will provide guidance to both an employer and employee to understanding the “at-will” employment status of employees and the ramifications of the status in a right to work state.  Idaho Employment Law Solutions has extensive experience in constructing separation agreements for both the employer and employee.